Progressive Change

Fighting for our beliefs through everyday acts of commerce for over 30 years.

Think about your local utility—it’s a big business with big bottom line numbers to hit. And that’s where your monthly payment goes… to increasing corporate profits.

Not at CREDO. We believe a nation’s progress is more important than one company’s profits. That’s why we give a portion of all revenue to fund nonprofits like, Rainforest Action Network and many more. So, whenever you use a CREDO product or service, you help generate critical donations for the causes you believe in at no extra cost to you.

CREDO Gives Back

Every month CREDO gives $150,000 to progressive causes. All our donations are funded by the revenue from our products. And, in total, CREDO has donated more than $91 million since 1985.

More than a movement

At CREDO, we’ve been fighting for climate justice—with our donations, our deeds and our voices—for more than 30 years.

CREDO Donations

We’ve donated over $19 million to support the frontline fight for climate justice by funding progressive nonprofits like, the Rainforest Action Network and Earthjustice.

CREDO Recycling

All CREDO correspondence is printed on post-consumer recycled paper. And we plant 100 new trees for every ton of paper we use.


We want all our products to have the smallest environmental impact possible. That’s why we use the CarbonFree program to offset carbon emissions from the shipping and lifetime electricity usage of our mobile devices.

The Power of a Poster

Print, post and share your belief in the benefits of clean energy with our exclusive protest posters. Whether you’re ready to march or just want to showcase your support on social media, these one-of-a-kind prints are the perfect way to tell the world: I believe in the power of renewable energy.