Renewable Energy for Texans

CREDO Energy provides you with simple, straightforward access to 100% clean electricity, priced competitively, so you can power your home and and power change in a sustainable way. Portions of our revenue are donated to support critical issues like climate justice thanks to customers like you.

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You can offset your home’s electricity usage with renewable energy credits…but what does that mean?

Most renewable energy producers send their power to the same electric grid as coal and gas-fired power plants. Your home receives a mix of clean green power and dirty brown power from your local utility.

Renewable energy producers get a credit for each unit of clean energy they produce. These Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) track the environmental benefits that wind and solar producers provide.

When you sign up, CREDO Energy with Energy Rewards purchases 100% wind RECs on your behalf to offset your home’s dirty electricity consumption and help shrink your carbon footprint.