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Sustainable and progressive.
That's the power of CREDO Energy.

You can offset your home's electricity usage with renewable energy credits…
but what does that mean?

Most renewable energy producers send their power to the same electric grid as coal and gas-fired power plants. Your home receives a mix of clean green power and dirty brown power from your local utility.

Renewable energy producers get a credit for each unit of clean energy they produce. These Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) track the environmental benefits that wind and solar producers provide.
When you sign up, Energy Rewards purchases 100% Wind RECs on your behalf to offset your home's dirty electricity consumption and help shrink your carbon footprint.
Protest: Don't Frack New York

CREDO gives back

Every month CREDO gives more than $150,000 to progressive causes. All our donations are funded by revenue from our products: mobile and long‑distance service, credit cards and now energy. In total, CREDO has donated more than $85 million since 1985.

Protest: Don't Frack New York
Protest: Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

Have an even
bigger impact

Now you can offset your home's energy consumption with sustainably produced electricity AND power positive social change.

Protest: Don't Frack New York Protest: Don't Frack New York

Renewable energy. Sustainable change.

CREDO has stood for environmental justice since our founding in 1985—that’s more than 30 years of fighting to protect the environment and keep fossil fuels in the ground. And now—with the current administration cozying up to big oil—it’s time to make the change to 100% renewable electricity.

Together with our members,
CREDO has donated


to more than 150 organizations fighting for climate justice
over the past 30+ years.

We support

Join the progressive revolution–sign up for clean, sustainably-sourced home electricty and we'll donate a portion of all revenues to support the progressive causes you care about.

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