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Who is CREDO Energy?

CREDO Energy is part of the CREDO family of brands.

CREDO is a socially conscious corporation dedicated to powering progressive change through everyday acts of commerce. We give our customers the opportunity to support causes they care about—like climate justice and women’s rights—by paying for services they already use, including mobile service and home electricity supply. That means, when you sign up for CREDO Energy in partnership with Energy Rewards, you’ll be helping the environment by offsetting your carbon footprint with clean, renewable energy credits. Plus, every month, CREDO donates a portion of all revenue from our products—over $150,000—to progressive nonprofits like, Rainforest Action Network and Bold Alliance.

Who is Energy Rewards?

Energy Rewards is a licensed energy supplier in your state that we’ve partnered with to give you access to renewable, sustainably sourced electricity.

How does CREDO Energy's electricity supplier, Energy Rewards, provide me with renewable energy?

All power, from all sources, goes into the same electric grid. That means your home will always receive a mix of green and brown power from your utility company. When you sign up with CREDO Energy with Energy Rewards, we buy clean, renewable energy credits on your behalf to offset your home’s electricity usage and help shrink your carbon footprint.

What is green energy?

Energy that is produced from replenishable or infinite sources, such as the sun and wind, is considered renewable. Green energy has a much lower impact on public health and the environment than electricity produced from fossil fuel and nuclear resources. It emits little to no air emissions, it does not produce harmful radioactive waste, and its fuel sources do not need to be mined or extracted from the earth through drilling or fracking.

What is brown energy?

Brown energy is dirty power derived from burning a finite source like coal or fossil fuels. Creating energy from these resources releases toxic pollutants into the environment, and is a leading cause of global warming.

What is a renewable energy credit (REC)?

Renewable energy production generates two valuable resources—the electricity itself and the associated environmental benefits. Renewable energy credits represent those environmental benefits.

Sold in state-run marketplaces, the sale of RECs allows a buyer to offset their carbon footprint. One REC is created for every megawatt hour of renewable energy generated. The sale of RECs helps to offset the use of brown power, and provides financial support to renewable energy producers, helping to drive more clean power production in the U.S.

How do I enroll?

You can enroll anytime online at or by calling our customer service team at 800-471-9100.

How can I view Energy Rewards rates?

You can view Energy Rewards supply rates in your area by visiting and entering your service ZIP Code.

Why is Energy Rewards offering fixed rates?

With our fixed-rate options, your rate will remain the same for the entirety of your initial term. Fixed rates protect customers from market changes and cost fluctuations.

When will my switch take effect?

If all of the information provided during your enrollment is correct, in most cases your enrollment will take effect in one to two billing cycles. In some markets with accelerated switching timelines, your switch may happen faster.

How long will it take for CREDO Energy's electricity supplier, Energy Rewards, to become my new electricity provider?

Once you finish signing up, Energy Rewards will get in touch with your local utility to begin processing the service change. Typically, a standard switch will be reflected in one to two billing cycles. Occasionally, they may run into an issue while processing the energy supplier switch, which can result in delays. If that happens, they’ll contact you to resolve any errors in order to complete the switching process.

Can I stay on my budget billing plan?

If you are on a budget billing plan with your utility company, you are still eligible to enroll, however, we recommend calling your utility company to fully understand how your budget billing will be impacted.

Can I enroll if I am receiving government assistance on my energy costs?

Customers currently on a Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) are not eligible to enroll. If you are enrolled in other government assistance programs such as HEAP, WCP, SCP or HWAP, you should contact your program representative or your local utility to fully understand how your bill will be impacted.

Will I have to get a new meter or any new equipment?

No, you’ll keep your current meter and won’t need to buy any new equipment. In fact, there won’t be any changes to your current system, and your local utility company will continue reading your meter on the same cycle every month.

How will I be billed?

You will continue to receive a monthly bill from your local utility company, as they will continue to provide service and delivery. However, once your account has been set up, you will see Energy Rewards, along with your monthly energy rate, listed in the supplier section of your bill.

Is CREDO Energy as reliable as my local utility?

Yes. In fact, our energy supply partner, Energy Rewards, is licensed and monitored by the same state-run Public Utility Commission as your local utility company.

Who do I call if I have problems with my service?

Since your local utility will continue to deliver your electricity, they will be in charge of maintenance and repairs on your electric lines and meters. Also, they will continue to manage billing and will handle any billing questions you may have.

Can I cancel my service at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time however, depending on the plan you have selected, an early termination fee may apply. Please refer to your terms and conditions for details. Contact our customer service team at 800-471-9100 or for more details.

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