Powering sustainable change

CREDO Energy—Fight for climate justice CREDO Energy—Fight for climate justice CREDO Energy—Fight for climate justice

Downsize your carbon footprint

and offset your home's dirty electricity usage
with clean, renewable energy credits.

No Oil
No Fracking
No Coal
No Gas

Meet your new 100% green energy partner:
CREDO Energy with Energy Rewards.

We give you simple, straightforward access to 100% clean electricity for your home. Now you can offset your carbon footprint with sustainably sourced wind electricity and help power the progressive movement. And, every month, CREDO donates a portion of all revenues—over $150,000—to support critical issues like climate justice.

Three small steps
make a big impact

  1. Check availability in your area.
  2. Sign up for service. (You'll need your energy bill.)
  3. Start offsetting your home's dirty energy usage with clean electricity while contributing to progressive nonprofits and grassroots activism.

When you sign up, you could save over

17,664 lbs.

of CO2 emissions in just one year.
That’s the equivalent of:

cars off the road
pounds of coal
acres of forests
gallons of gas
CREDO Energy—No jobs on a dead planet CREDO Energy—No jobs on a dead planet

Renewable energy. Sustainable change.

CREDO has stood for environmental justice since our founding in 1985—that’s more than 30 years of fighting to protect the environment and keep fossil fuels in the ground. And now—with the current administration cozying up to Big Oil—it’s time to make the change to 100% renewable electricity.

Together with our members,
CREDO has donated
Thanks to the support of CREDO members like you,
we've donated


to more than 150 organizations fighting for climate justice
over the past 30+ years.

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